DrupalCon contribution areas are usually full of people collaborating on many different subjects. Finding a table in the room where people are working on things that might interest you is often helped by the leaders of each table placing signs on the table describing what they are working on. Here in the virtual Contributions Room, we do the same by creating groups.

How to find your place

Participating in contribution does not require a DrupalCon Global ticket! Review all the groups in the room for something that takes your interest, or by using the "we are working on" and "we need" filters in the sidebar to narrow down your search. 

Once you have found a group of interest, and especially one that is looking for your skills, you can simply click to join that group. "About" pages provide basic information to help you get started - including a link to the drupal.org issues the group is working on, how they are communicating within the group and maybe some events listed that tell you when they are working on the issues or having an online meeting to discuss progress.

If you did not find the topic you'd like to work on and willing to take on leading the topic, please create a group for that. Thanks!