I created this space for everyone, as a place to talk and learn about how the web works and what people use to build it.

The promise of the internet and the "Open Web"  has always been that is that it is a space accessible to all. That the tools exist for anyone to make their own space to improve their own lives and those around them.

For me, being able to "Build the Web" was something that came easily, because I was literally shown exactly how to do it from an early age. Thinking backwards, I was always really lucky to even be able to learn about this stuff:

  1. Picked up Drupal and figured it out building sites for work in 2003-2004 because my employers allowed me that freedom because I was basically the only person who really knew how to do it.
  2. Knew PHP, CSS, JavaScript , et al pretty well by 2001 because I had access to a machine that could run it in my first home outside of my parents house in 2000 and I had enough free time to create websites for free to get hired later.
  3. Learned HTML in high school in 1997 because my grandfather gifted me HTML for Dummies and my father kept a computer in the house with AOL account for an internet connection. 
  4. Literally learned my ABCs on a Commodore 64 around Kindergarten age because My father was a lawyer and was keen enough to grab the old machines when his office would upgrade.

This is the result of a lifetime of privilege. I have seen how simple it can be. Drupal is a testament to how simple it can be. It is a tool and a community designed for empowerment.

OpenOps: Opening the Doors.

We are all on the Web, which makes us all Web Developers.

Development is what we create. A "Web Developer" is not a technical term. It is someone who produces something and puts it on the web. Writers, designers, photographers, experience designers, project managers, visionary business owners, even financial managers! 

All are just as critical to a project's success as software programmers and systems operators. They are all Web Developers.

Ops is how we operate. It goes way beyond the software, hardware, or the people. It is the culture our organizations foster.

  1. BizOps sets things up and pays the bills
  2. DevOps builds.
  3. ContentOps produces what the world sees.
  4. SysOps ensures the world can see it.
  5. SupportOps makes sure everyone sleeps soundly at night.

My mission is to open the door. To show everyone how easy this stuff really can be.

In 2020, it's still way too hard to get on the web. 

Let's work together to fix that.